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“You’ve just finished a stressful 10 hour day at work and then spend another 90 minutes sitting in a logjam on the Bay Bridge. When you finally crawl thru the front door, all you you want to do is crash on the couch.  The last thing you’re in the mood for is a walk. But try telling that to your bouncing-off-the walls dog. She’s been home alone all day and greets you with excited leaps, then sits as her wagging tail sweeps the floor.  And even though you’re hungry and exhausted, you sigh and grab her leash.”

“Club K9’s dog daycare and dog boarding services offers hours of socialization, playtime,and exercise, leaving dogs exhausted and their guardians guilt-free.”

“A Day at Dog Daycare from a Pup’s Point of View.  I’m a dog, a 1 year old 12 pound Lhasa Apso-poodle mix, to be exact. We pulled into a driveway, I peered out the window and before me was a country living resort. After the quick tour, my human mommy gave her stamp of approval, scratched me behind the ears to say goodbye. At long last, playtime had arrived. The moment my paws hit the ground, I scurried around to meet my new canine friends.  I met Little Bear and BeeBee the toy black poodles.  They didn’t seem to mind my tagging along, So, I stuck with them all day. When it got a little warm, this really nice, cool mist fell from the sky.  It was like spending the day on my back deck, except here, I had lots of company. Four hours felt like only a few minutes. My human mommy was back and she looked pleased as she carried me to the car. I gave her my favorite “I-told-you-so” look. Then I plopped down in my bed on the passenger seat and slept the whole way home.”


Perennial Winner for the ninth time in the past decade for its dog daycare and overnight boarding services. “Pets deserve a luxe vacation, too. If you are heading away on a trip, send your dog for a fun-filled stay at the full-service Club K9, Castro Valley’s 20-acre canine resort. Small touches—like personal attention to each dog and soft music during bedtime—help pets feel safe, while the 15 expansive outdoor play yards (tailored to each dog’s size, temperament, and play style) supply plenty of space for exercise.”


“Club K9: A ‘Club Med’ For Dogs?  Well, Almost.  Club K9 in Castro Valley is a unique resort for dogs, a place for them to play and socialize while the master is away. The club, on a 20 Acre ranch provides dog boarding, dog daycare and grooming services for different size dogs and temperaments. The concept- a sort of Club Med for dogs – was devised as a place where dogs could have fun. Visitors swear they see the dogs smiling. When you look into one of the recreation areas all you see are dogs playing and tails wagging. “


Business Hall of Fame – 10 Consecutive years. The Castro Valley Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local business throughout the Castro Valley area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.


By affirmative vote of the Board of Directors, Club K9 has demonstrated that it meets the BBB Standards of Accreditation and further warrants that it supports the mission, services and standards of ethical business practices espoused by the accreditation of the BBB.


Dog Daycare
per day
Unlimited Dog Daycare
Special Pricing Available
includes 4 overnight stays
unlimited nails & baths
Dog Boarding
Per night stayed
Includes Dog Daycare
free daycare on day of pickup
Dog Grooming
Bath and Blowdry
Nail Trims $10
Gland expression $25
Grooming completed after all-day-play

Frequently Asked Questions Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding

How do I get started?

Welcome to Club K9. Our qualified staff is eager to assist you with set-up and registration for dog daycare or overnight dog boarding. To begin, phone our office at (510)247-9600 or visit us in person at 10671 Crow Canyon Road, in Castro Valley. To make certain your pup feels comfortable in our social environment, we offer first time visitors a complementary day of dog daycare. Complimentary dog daycare can be set up with a prearranged appointment Monday thru Sunday between the hours of 10:30 am – 2pm.  Please give us a call to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Do I need a reservation?

Club K9 does not require a reservation for is daycare program after registering. Simply keep your vaccinations current and our convenient “drop-in” service offers you the flexibility you need, at a moment’s notice.

Reservations are needed prior to an overnight stay at Club K9. To make a Boarding reservation, please call (510)247-9600 or send an email to

What are you hours of operation?

Club K9 is open from 7 AM to 7 PM, daily. For your convenience, you may drop off and pick up your pet anytime between these hours. Tours are also available seven days a week  between 10:30AM -2:00PM with a scheduled appointment. We are open for all holidays, but do not allow drop off and pick up service on: Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter Sunday.

Vaccination Requirements?

Safety is a main priority, so all guests are screened to ensure that vaccinations are completely up-to-date. Please bring proof of these with you so that we can accommodate you with a daycare visit. Vaccinations required include up-to-date Bordatella, Canine Influenza, Distemper and Rabies.

Do you accept intact dogs?

Club K9 is one of a few boarding facilities that accepts un-neutered and un-spayed dogs up until the age of one year. Intact dogs over that age are not accepted. Several un-spayed females are safely grouped together in the same play yard; however we do not accept any females in heat.

No more than one intact male is ever placed in a play yard.  At times, Club K9 may have more intact male dogs than available yards. As a result, please understand that your intact male may be in a single play area, waiting its turn to be rotated into its respective dog daycare play group.

What should I bring?

Club K9 recommends that you bring your dog’s own food to prevent stomach upset. (Refrigeration is available). Club K9 provides Vet approved Eukanuba dog food at no additional charge. Additionally, we provide an Rx food used to treat diarrhea if digestion issues develop.  Complementary enticements are available: Organic Chicken Broth, Organic Cottage Cheese, Pureed Organic Pumpkin.

Club K9 supplies everything your dog needs for overnight dog boarding or dog daycare.  We do recommend bringing something from home that has your scent such as a worn T-shirt and a favorite toy.

My dog is on medication?

Several of our staff members are vet technicians and are qualified to administer medication at no charge. In addition, staff members are CPR certified and trained to be on the look out for any medical problems.

My dog is unfamiliar with a crate?

Most dogs that visit Club K9 are not crate trained at home and they do exceptionally well.  Inform our staff of any special issues or adverse reactions your dog may have had in the past.

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