Club K9’s Dog Daycare programs are designed to meet the needs of your dog, your schedule and your budget. We create a warm and loving environment with plenty of doggy play pals, human companionship, and non-stop doggy fun!  Our K9 Resorts are specifically designed for your dog’s fun and entertainment.


We offer luxury at car valet service, so Dog Daycare clients never have to get out of their cars at drop-off or pick-up.  And, for extra peace of mind, most of our staff have been First Aid and CPR Certified for pet care.


Club K9’s clients have the ability to utilize our drop-in Dog Daycare services with no reservations required daily between 7:00am-7:00pm. Whether you need our Dog Daycare services daily, a couple of days per week or only a few days per month, we are available.


For a great-looking and fresh-smelling pup, indulge your best friend with any of our dog grooming services. Our groomers will pamper your dog with a refreshing bath and blow-dry. Upon request, baths, pawdicures and anal gland expressions are available.

Our Vision

Club K9 realizes that dog owners’ view their dogs as family members, not just family pets. Our goal is for the family dog to have as much fun as the owner while away from home. Hence our motto, “WHILE YOU’RE AWAY, YOUR DOG’S AT PLAY!”

Most importantly, to ensure your dog feels comfortable in our social dog daycare program, we offer a free day of play. Your dog will be introduced to our team of dog lovers and interact with playmates. As a result, when your dog is familiar with Club K9, future visits will be seamless.


  • Your best friend will be much happier and healthier given the opportunity to play and exercise in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Companionship and activity help to make a big difference for a happy and well-adjusted pup.
  • Dog Daycare is convenient and affords peace of mind.
  • Our Dog Daycare is available every day; however, a few times a week can make a huge difference in the quality of life for you and your dog.
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