20 acre K9 resort featuring 15 spacious outdoor play areas!

Club K9’s dog boarding and dog daycare services provide you with the best care at the best value.  Club K9 is centrally located to serve pets and their owners in both Alameda and Contra Costa. Our vision capitalizes on the attitude of dog owners’ who view their dog as family members, not just a family pet.  This new attitude is migrating to planning a “doggie vacation” while the owners plan their own escape.  Our goal is for the family dog to have as much fun as the owner while away from home.  Hence our motto, “WHILE YOU’RE AWAY, YOUR DOG’S AT PLAY!” 

Our Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding program provide guests’ the opportunity to play, exercise and socialize in a fun-filled environment. When the owner returns to collect their dog, their dog is happy, healthy and full of fond memories of their own holiday. Consequently, the owners’ stress and guilt disappear.  As a result, dog owners can look forward to their next trip without worrying about their dog.  

Overnight Dog Boarding Accommodations

Indoor, climate-controlled sleeping quarters afford privacy for all of our dog boarding guests.

Soft music plays during the evenings to provide a cozy  home like environment.

State-of-the-art air filtration system with ultraviolet, anti-virus scrubbers to protect your pet by providing fresh and sanitary air flow.

During bedtime hours, on-site supervision by our team members guarantees your pets comfort and security.

We track play styles, medications and health records, personal belongings, and even play pals for all of our dog daycare and dog boarding guests’.

Outdoor Play Areas

Dog daycare and dog boarding guests’ are organized into one of our 15 different play yards according to their size temperament, and play style.

Each play yard has supervision to ensure our guests are playing safely and appropriately.

Antimicrobial “K9 grass” covers all play areas. This provides a soft and comfortable play surface which is disinfected nightly.

Play yards are arranged for your dog’s comfort with ample drinking water and shade. Very hot days include water misters and water hose play.

Toys, balls, and treats are not allowed in play yards to avoid any territorial issues.

Club K9’s Vision

We specialize in Doggy Vacations. Our resort’s dog boarding and dog daycare facility is tailored to the way your dog plays. Club K9 customizes its pet services to meet the individual needs of your dog’s personality, play-style, size and temperament. Our goal is for a family’s dog to have as an enjoyable experience on vacation as their owners, hence our motto: “While you’re away, your dogs at play!”