Frequently Asked Questions Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding

How do I get started?

Welcome to Club K9. Our qualified staff is eager to assist you with set-up and registration for dog daycare or overnight dog boarding. To begin, phone our office at (510)247-9600 or visit us in person at 10671 Crow Canyon Road, in Castro Valley. To make certain your pup feels comfortable in our social environment, we offer first time visitors a complementary day of dog daycare. Complimentary dog daycare can be set up with a prearranged appointment Monday thru Sunday between the hours of 10:30 am – 2pm.  Please give us a call to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Do I need a reservation?

Club K9 does not require a reservation for is daycare program after registering. Simply keep your vaccinations current and our convenient “drop-in” service offers you the flexibility you need, at a moment’s notice.

Reservations are needed prior to an overnight stay at Club K9. To make a Boarding reservation, please call (510)247-9600 or send an email to

What are you hours of operation?

Club K9 is open from 7 AM to 7 PM, daily. For your convenience, you may drop off and pick up your pet anytime between these hours. Tours are also available seven days a week  between 10:30AM -2:00PM with a scheduled appointment. We are open for all holidays, but do not allow drop off and pick up service on: Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter Sunday.

Vaccination Requirements?

Safety is a main priority, so all guests are screened to ensure that vaccinations are completely up-to-date. Please bring proof of these with you so that we can accommodate you with a daycare visit. Vaccinations required include up-to-date Bordatella, Canine Influenza, Distemper and Rabies.

Do you accept intact dogs?

Club K9 is one of a few boarding facilities that accepts un-neutered and un-spayed dogs up until the age of one year. Intact dogs over that age are not accepted. Several un-spayed females are safely grouped together in the same play yard; however we do not accept any females in heat.

No more than one intact male is ever placed in a play yard.  At times, Club K9 may have more intact male dogs than available yards. As a result, please understand that your intact male may be in a single play area, waiting its turn to be rotated into its respective dog daycare play group.

What should I bring?

Club K9 recommends that you bring your dog’s own food to prevent stomach upset. (Refrigeration is available). Club K9 provides Vet approved Eukanuba dog food at no additional charge. Additionally, we provide an Rx food used to treat diarrhea if digestion issues develop.  Complementary enticements are available: Organic Chicken Broth, Organic Cottage Cheese, Pureed Organic Pumpkin.

Club K9 supplies everything your dog needs for overnight dog boarding or dog daycare.  We do recommend bringing something from home that has your scent such as a worn T-shirt and a favorite toy.

My dog is on medication?

Several of our staff members are vet technicians and are qualified to administer medication at no charge. In addition, staff members are CPR certified and trained to be on the look out for any medical problems.

My dog is unfamiliar with a crate?

Most dogs that visit Club K9 are not crate trained at home and they do exceptionally well.  Inform our staff of any special issues or adverse reactions your dog may have had in the past.

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