Spacious Outdoor Play Areas Supervised All-Day-Play

Antimicrobial “K9 Grass” covers all 17 Play Areas and is disinfected nightly.

All Play Areas are constructed with drainage beneath the turf, ensuring that your dog will always have a clean, fresh and sanitary surface to play on.

Play Areas are arranged for your dog’s comfort with ample drinking water and shade. Very hot days include water misters and hose play.

Kennel has a commercial water filtration system installed to treat water from on-site wells into a refreshing and safe drinking product.

We track play styles; medications and health records; personal belongings; and even play pals for all our dog daycare and dog boarding guests.

Private Indoor Sleeping Quarters for Dog Boarding Guests

Indoor climate- controlled kennel accommodations afford privacy for all dog boarding guests.

State-of-the-art air filtration system with ultraviolet, anti-virus scrubbers protects your pet by providing fresh and sanitary air flow.

Soft music plays during the evenings to provide a cozy home like environment.

24 hour on-site supervision guarantees your pets well-being and security.

It's a dog's paradise at Club K9. All breeds including: Airdale, Labrador, Collie enjoy playtime.
It's a doggie vacation at Club K9. Two Husky's, a Portuguese water dog and Queensland Heeler enjoying life.
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